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8 Ways Motherhood Changed Me

Motherhood changes us in ways we might not have thought about. Here are 8 ways that motherhood has changed me for the better!
There’s no denying that kids will turn your world upside down. Every now and then I find myself being completely ok with things I never would have been ok with before or changing my routine to fit my new life as a mom. In honor of Mother’s Day this week, I started thinking of the ways motherhood has changed me & compiled a list.


1. Snot? Oh, that’s just my newest accessory. 
Kids’ noses have a tendency to be a shot faucet. And who do they run it all over? That’s right – Mama. I’ve even woken up to it all over my shoulder and didn’t even flinch.


2. Wearing glasses instead of contacts just makes things easier. 
Before my son was born, I barely ever wore my glasses. Now? My glasses are my best friend! Some days I’m too tired to comfortably wear my contacts and others, I’m too tired at night to want to take the extra step to take them out. All I want is to be able to fall in my bed.


3. Did I shower? Eh, I’m good enough to go out in public. 
It used to be you wouldn’t catch me dead in public without fixing my hair and makeup. Now, I consider myself decent enough to go out as long as I don’t look completely homeless.


4. We should have left 15 minutes ago? Good, we’re still on time. 
I used to get everywhere at least 10-15 minutes early. Trying to get out the door with a little one is a whole other story. And you would think that after 18 months, I would have already gotten the hang of getting places with a kid. Sadly, I still tend to be cutting it close.


5. Sleep is so overrated. 
I slept great at night all the way up to the day that Wylder was born. Of course, those early days of motherhood were full of being up every 2 hours for feedings. The nights of interrupted sleep don’t seem to be ending any time soon.


6. They just said WHAT on there? 
Shows I wouldn’t have questioned before, I now find myself turning off if my son is around. There are just some things he doesn’t need to hear or see! I know I can’t keep him in a bubble forever, but he doesn’t need to grow up any faster than he already is!


7. But he’s someone’s baby! 
Being a mom has changed how I react when watching tv shows & movies. I was watching one show where a kid smuggled drugs & was believed to have been exposed to a deadly disease that there was no cure for. Before I became a mom, I would have been like, “You got what was coming to you!” After becoming amom, my reaction was more like, “His poor parents! They can’t do anything to help him.” Yeah, being a mom turned me into a huge softy.


 8. I’m a lot more fearless. 
 “Oh, you’re bringing me a gift? Thank you!” As I open my hand to accept who knows what. Thankfully, it’s usually just an acorn or piece of pine straw, but there was that one time he handed me a dead fly. Yuck! And don’t you dare throw that very thoughtful gift back on the ground right away or you’ll get a look that says he’s going to get you back with a different kind of present later on.


These are just a few ways that motherhood has changed me (for the better). I know that as our family grows, I’ll change some more & I look forward to it! How are some ways that motherhood has changed you?
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I am a wife, mother, and Christ follower. Above all else, I have always wanted to be a mom and that dream came true on November 11, 2016. I now hide all chocolate and sweets so I can eat them when my son is sleeping without sharing and never get a moment of peace. Being a mom is the hardest, but also the best job that I have ever been blessed with. When I get the chance, I love being able to sneak off and have time with my husband. Keeping our marriage (and in turn our family) healthy is a priority for us.
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9 thoughts on “8 Ways Motherhood Changed Me

  1. #7, all the way! I cried through the first Harry Potter audiobook when I listened to it as a new mom (audiobooks are great while breastfeeding, BTW). I kept thinking about Harry’s poor parents not getting to hold him!

    1. It totally changes how you react to things! I’m going to have to remember the audiobook suggestion when baby #2 makes their debut this fall!

  2. Welcome to motherhood Victoria. I love how real you are in your post and the way you describe life changing. Motherhood does change everything. I know that young mothers and mothers to be are going to love learning from your experiences and seasoned (older) moms like me will smile and laugh remembering what it was like.

  3. I LOVE your honesty in this post! I’m 30 weeks pregnant with my first, and I can see myself being changed in similar ways!

  4. This is extremely honest and relatable! I’m deep in the trenches with three kiddos (7,4,1). Snot covered sleeves, rushing everywhere and pretending you’ve got it covered is all part of the gig. Messy, fun and exhausting!

    1. Yes, lots of messes, but also a lot of love! We’re adding another little to the family this fall so I know everything will be increased, but I wouldn’t have life any other way!

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