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6 Tips for Traveling with Young Children

Let’s talk road trips. A few months ago, my parents moved from Georgia (where I live) to Florida. Since then, my son and I have made the trip down to see them just the two of us. Traveling six plus hours with a one year old by myself seems daunting every time. I look forward to seeing my family, but I dread the car ride every time. I don’t consider myself an expert on traveling with infants or toddlers by any means, but there are a few things that I have learned make traveling easier and some things that make it harder. Here are six tips for traveling with a young child.


1. Leave During the Night
The earliest I have left is 5:30 am, but it made a world of difference than leaving at 8:00 am or 9:00 am. Wylder slept until right when I was ready to make the first stop about half way through the trip. This would be a lot easier to do with two adults so you can switch between driving and napping (and leave even earlier) or to have an extra person to stay in the car with the sleeping baby during bathroom or other breaks.


2. Take LOTS of Breaks
If you’re unable to leave during the night, adding plenty of extra travel time so you can take breaks is imperative. My first road trip with just me and Wyld Man took an extra three hours because of the stops. It gave him some time to stretch his legs and a break from the car seat while giving me a break from driving.


3. Have Plenty of Entertainment in the Car
Having plenty of things in your car to entertain your child and distract them from the long stretches between breaks will help make your ride more enjoyable. This past trip, I had a DVD player in my car so Wylder could watch his favorite shows whenever he wasn’t napping. This worked best when we left early in the morning and the DVDs mainly helped to lull him back to sleep without any fuss. I also have toys handy to give him in hopes that he’ll forget about being upset about still being in his car seat.


4. Be Snack Prepared
Having applesauce pouches or crackers handy is essential for our road trips. This way, he can feed himself and be happy again without us having to make an extra stop for food.


5. Find Parks to Play at En Route
This is something that I plan on trying on our next trip. When making stops, it would be beneficial to everyone to stop somewhere where the kids can expend some energy before getting back on the road. It might even help tire them out enough for them to take a nap (one can hope). You can always pack a lunch or grab some food and have a picnic at the park!


6. Using Family Restrooms

If you’re the only adult then family bathrooms are a lifesaver! First trip, I automatically went to the stalls. It was my first time ever having to take Wylder into a public bathroom with me and he just had to mess with everything he could touch! This time, we used family bathrooms whenever possible and it was a lot less headache. I especially liked not having to worry about him peaking under the stall at other people!


These are just a few tips that I have found help me and one that I hope to try that seems promising. Traveling with young children is not easy and what works one time might not work the next. Hopefully some of these help make your trip more enjoyable! What are some of your travel tips? Sound off in the comment section below and maybe you’ll help someone else have an easier ride!
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