10 Date Ideas

10 date ideas for couples to help keep the spark alive!

As parents, finding time to spend just the two of us can be difficult. We have so much going on in our lives and sometimes time slips away before we make sure to make time for us. I’ve put together a list of some of the date nights my husband and I have enjoyed.

1. Takeout & Movie At Home

One of my favorite date nights that we have is grabbing whatever takeout we are craving at the time and watch a movie. My absolute favorite movie date night, we made a pallet in the living room and got comfy to watch the movie and eat dinner. It may have just been foam and sleeping bags on the living room floor, but it was nice to have a change for one night without having to go anywhere.

2. Scavenger Hunt

This was a date night idea from before we got engaged. We went to the store, came up with a list of random items to look for, and decided on a time to meet up together. We ran around the store with our buggies trying to make sure we were the one to come back with the most items. It was a lot of fun to have a competitive date night! Remember if you do this, be courteous and put the items back.

3. Restaurant Hopping

For this date night idea, you get a chance to go to all of your favorite restaurants in one night! You start at one for appetizers, move on to another for the main course, and another for dessert. This is a good idea if you can’t decide where you want to go!

4. Bowling

Another fun and competitive date night idea is bowling! I always get super competitive when we go bowling and we always have fun messing with each other. And we can spend as little or as much time as we want.

5. Historical Tours

A recent date we went on was an historical bus tour of a city nearby that was involved in the Civil War. We had a lot of fun learning about the history of the city and doing something different together.

6. Picnics By The Lake

We have a lake nearby that has a gorgeous view and makes the perfect place for a romantic picnic! Sometimes we pack a picnic and sometimes we pick up food to take. If you like, you can take games to play as you hang out by the lake or even your fishing poles!

7. Fishing

Speaking of fishing poles, fishing is another date night idea we enjoy! It’s fun to see who has the best luck and catches the most fish. We enjoy spending hours together whether we catch 10 fish or nothing. And it just costs us the price of a fishing license!

8. Dinner

Sometimes the good ole fashion dinner date is the route to go. Whether we are going to the local Mexican restaurant or an upscale restaurant in the city, enjoying a meal together can be the perfect date night.

9. Cooking Dinner Together

I love when we cook a meal together as part of our date. It gives us a chance to talk and have some fun together before we sit down to eat. It’s even more fun to choose a meal that we don’t normally eat to cook together!

10. Music Shows

Going to listen to local musicians is another fun idea! You get to help support local artists and hear some great music! Check your favorite restaurants and coffee shops to see if they have any shows lined up!

There are so many date ideas that we coukd keep this list going on! No matter how crazy life may get, making sure you make time for dates is very important. Having alone time will help to keep your marriage alive. Start planning your next date today!

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