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10 Ways to Take Care of Mommy

Moms do a lot for the family and I know first hand that it may be hard to just stop and take a few minutes for yourself. It seems like any time that I want to take a break and do something to unwind, the kid needs me & I’m right back on mom duty. My husband is more than capable of taking care of Wylder, but I have a tendency to put the full responsibility of him and our home on my shoulders. You can imagine that that weight will weigh a person down after a while so it’s important to remember to take time for yourself. I had been given this advice at a baby shower, but I didn’t realize just how important it is until I finally took a break & suddenly felt like a new woman. This got me thinking of different ways I could make sure I took some time for myself so I can be the best mommy possible to my little man. With Mother’s Day coming up in just a few days, here are 10 ideas of how mommy can get some much needed mommy time.

1. Take a bath. This getaway can be done in your own home without costing a fortune! You’ll be amazed at what a few minutes alone in a warm bath can do to recharge you. Maybe add some candles, bubble bath, bath bomb, or music to really relax you and help you forget for just a few moments at least that you spent the day covered in spit up or baby food. My husband surprised me not too long ago with a bath getaway. I wound up losing track of time and was pleasantly surprised with just how much better I felt afterwards. I will need to make sure I have more of these in the future!

2. Take a nap. This one seems easy enough. I’m sure everyone has been given at some point the advice to “sleep when the baby sleeps.” It sounds like a great idea & every baby sleeps at some point, right? Well…not necessarily. My son has been horrible about naps. He takes little 10 minute cat naps throughout the day so sleeping when he sleeps was easier said than done. And in the off chance he did go down for a nap, I have a hard time letting that precious time go to waste when there are a million things I need to do around the house! Even though this is something I still need to work on, getting enough sleep is extremely important. Maybe see if the grandparents or a friend can help you out by watching the baby while you rest up. They get to spend time with an adorable baby and you get to catch up on your sleep; win win.

3. Get enough to eat. Before I became a mom, I always wondered how moms forgot to eat. Eating has always been something I love to do and I mean I LOVE it. Like maybe more than I love my husband. Just kidding…sort of. Now, I sometimes get so busy and caught up in what I’m doing that I realize that I haven’t eaten. It is extremely important though to make sure you have enough to eat so you can be healthy & keep up your energy! For some alone time, go out to eat by yourself.

4. Plan a date night. Keeping your marriage alive and healthy is essential for your well being as well as your family’s well being. Life can get busy so send the kids to the grandparents for a few hours or for the night and spend some time focused on the two of you.

5. Go grocery shopping alone. Whether you enjoy it or not, grocery shopping is something that has to be done. Either have someone watch the little ones or plan to go when your husband is home & go grocery shopping alone. This is something that is easier without the kids and can get you some much needed alone time.

6. Plan a girls night. There’s nothing more relaxing than a night out with the girls! Leave the baby at home, call up your girls, & get ready for a night of laughs & relaxation. Whether it be a movie or just going to dinner, having a few baby free hours is sure to do you some good!

7. Get a manicure & pedicure. Splurge on yourself & head to your favorite nail salon for a well deserved manicure & pedicure. Not only will you get a break, but you’ll also have nails worth showing off!

8. Take a class at a local store. Many craft stores and markets offer how to classes. Find a local store ‘s class calendar and sign up for a class! Get your creative juices flowing!

9. Join a gym or exercise. Exercising can help you feel better as well as help you stay in shape. Find a gym that you can join and get into an exercise routine or take a class that they offer. If going to a gym isn’t your thing, find some exercises that will help you meet your goals. Decide when you’re going to go to the gym or exercise & stick to it! The more you do it, the easier it gets!

10. Spend time with God. I intentionally left this one for last. Out of all the ways for a mom to take care of herself, this one is the most important. If your relationship with God is rocky, it will effect every other aspect of your life. I can tell when I haven’t been reading my Bible like I should and it definitely affects my parenting. Taking the time to spend time with God in his word will make a huge difference. This may mean waking up early in the morning or utilizing any nap times in order to get that much needed quiet time. If necessary, see if someone can help you take care of the little one while you dive into God’s word.

There are many other things you can do to relax as well. No matter what you choose, don’t feel guilty for taking time for yourself. It is important for your family that you are feeling your best so the best way to care for your family is to take care of yourself. Do you have any other ideas of how to take care of mommy? I would love to hear your thoughts!

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